WISIONS is an initiative of the Wuppertal Institute. The core team is made up of members of Research Group 1 "Future Energy and Mobility Structures" of the Wuppertal Institute. WISIONS is also backed by the experience and wide range of knowledge of other colleagues within and outside the institute.  

Core Team

Carmen Dienst
Project co-ordinator

Prof. Dr. Manfred Fischedick
Vice-president of Wuppertal Institute and project co-ordinator

Willington Ortiz
Project collaborator, responsible for regional partnerships in Latin America and the Technology Radar

Julia Terrapon-Pfaff
Project collaborator, responsible for SEPS Energy Projects 

Marie-Christine Gröne
Project collaborator.

Maria Yetano Roche
Project collaborator.

Frederik Santer
Project collaborator, responsible for the WISIONS homepage and communication activities

Julia Drobner
Project collaborator, responsible for data management and partner communication

Research Group 1 "Future Energy and Mobility Structures"

Research Group 1 of the Wuppertal Institute examines technology and infrastructure issues, in doing so taking a systems analysis approach. For the topics of energy and mobility, it explores the technological and social innovations that will facilitate the transition to sustainable structures, the implications of this process and the opportunities it offers. Research Group 1 carries out dynamic analyses of the potential of innovations and also seeks to evaluate technology with a view to finding coherent paths of development.

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