Project's aim

The project aims to encourage the community organisers of existing micro hydro programmes to advocate the replication of successful micro hydro power projects in Southeast Asia.



Partners involved

Green Empowerment

Exchange: Advocacy and Replication of Community Organisers for Micro Hydro Programmes in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asian members of the Hydro Empowerment Network have expressed a strong need to strengthen the local human resources – the so-called community organisers – who are at the heart of their work, by providing them with better support and increasing their numbers. The suggested solution for meeting this need is to collectively engage the micro hydro community organisers in the regions. These organisers are often members of indigenous communities, which face an onslaught of inequitable development in Southeast Asia, such as large dams, mining and forest exploitation. This development not only weakens the micro hydro plants, but also unravels the socio-cultural-environmental sustainability fabric that has existed for generations. It is this fabric which ultimately ensures the success of micro hydro plants.

The specific objectives of the exchange activity are:

  • To identify and create a process to train community organisers in five partner countries
  • To build upon the skills of existing community organisers to strengthen micro hydro advocacy in Indonesia, Malaysia, Mindanao, Myanmar and the northern Philippines
The exchange activity should be implemented within six months and consists of five local training events in each of the regions, as well as gathering the lessons learned from the training sessions. Furthermore, the involvement of external expertise and advocacy groups is envisaged to assist in the development of a media strategy for raising awareness.