Project's aim

This exchange activity aims to contribute to the sustainability of micro hydro plants in Southern and Southeast Asia by increasing the load factors and financial bases through the implementation of proven best practices for productive end uses.



Partners involved

Practical Action

Exchange: Knowledge and Advocacy for Productive End Use of Micro Hydro Projects

In many cases, micro hydro power projects receive external funding only for their initial implementation. Once commissioned, these projects must sustain themselves financially. Without a strong financial base (through fees paid by the electricity consumers), beneficiaries cannot provide sufficient maintenance or carry out simple repairs which, in turn, often leads to the technical failure of the systems. Furthermore, many micro hydro plants perform inadequately and most of the electricity produced can only be used for household lighting.

The specific objectives of the exchange activity are:

  • To raise awareness among stakeholders and policy makers on how the integration of productive end uses into micro hydro plants could sustain the systems, while also alleviating rural poverty
  • To increase the capacity of members of the Hydro Empowerment Network to integrate proven, regional best practices for productive end uses into their micro hydro plants
The exchange activity should be implemented within six months and includes the creation of an online library and a future concept for micro hydro plant owners.