Project's aim

This project aims to restore and upgrade one of these micro hydro plants (the Adugao micro hydro power plant) as a demonstration project and to develop a plan to restore the other MHPs in the region.



Partners involved

Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya (SIBAT), Inc.

Rehabilitation and Upgrading of an Existing Micro Hydro Power Project in the Province of Abra, the Philippines

Several micro hydro plants (18) have been installed in the province of Abra in the Philippines since 1995. They were built by indigenous communities in the Cordillera Administrative Region and have been managed by the communities for over 10 years. The project has had positive impacts and has improved the quality of life of the local population by alleviating the burden on women and children of rice pounding and other crop processing, by improving crop production (through irrigation) and by providing better lighting for educational purposes. 

However, the MHPs are now suffering from technical, organisational and financial difficulties. The technical problems are due to the decay of the earth canals, cheap generators and the lack of regulatory controls. Operator problems have also affected the performance reliability of the MHPs.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • To upgrade technical components (replacing the T12 turbine with T15) in order to improve the system’s durability, allow for 24/7 operation and lengthen the plant’s lifespan
  • To improve the organisational and financial performance of Adugao MHP
  • To increase the MHP’s utilisation factor
  • To collect experiences and knowledge through two studies on MHP mini-grid options and grid extension 
  • To initiate a consultation process with local government units (LGUs) and communities for developing an upgrading plan for the other MHPs

The project should be implemented within 12 months.