Core Projects

Our core projects are ongoing field activities that our local partners are implementing. Their aim is to test and demonstrate the viability of decentralised renewable energy solutions and their potential to facilitate sustainable development.

The projects utilise innovative approaches that go beyond the technical aspects of clean energy. Community involvement, reliable ownership and management schemes, as well as sustainable business models are also key foci of our core projects. We continue to advance our mission to empower people and communities to be the drivers of their transformation.

Core Projects

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Using biogas for improved livelihoods of family farmers

This project aims to develop and implement successful strategies for the re-introduction of biodigesters on Costa Rica’s small and medium-sized family farms.

Productive use of wind energy in Argentina

This project aims to make productive use of wind energy so that rural farmers in isolated areas of Patagonia can gain access to water and energy, and generate higher income by growing and selling horticultural farm products.

Biogas Demonstration Unit for Sustainable Rural Energy Development

This project aims to tackle the issues of rural energy scarcity, high volumes of biomass feedstock and problems of waste disposal by installing an anaerobic biodigester in the region of Los Pinos, Balcarce.

Unlocking Credit to Promote the use of Commercial Biogas in the Poultry Industry

This project aims to demonstrate the viability of an innovative business model using credit financing, grants and equity for promoting commercial biogas use in the poultry industry in Nepal.

Community Energy Center and Eco Sustainability Park in the Municipality of Independencia

This project seeks to implement a Community Energy Center within an Eco Sustainability Park.

Improving Agricultural Profitability for Smallholder Farms by introducing Solar Powered Mobile Cold Storage

To demonstrate the viability and benefits of mobile solar powered cold storage systems, PEEDA and its partner Mukti Energy will implement the first system of its kind in Nepal in the rural municipality of Baiteshwor.

Exchange: Wind Water Pumping Systems

The central aim of this exchange is to capitalise on the already available knowledge and on the diverse skills of the Wind Empowerment network in order to create a versatile and robust product suitable for meeting the challenges of off-grid pumping.

Open Source Initiative: Smart Grids for Small Grids

This project seeks to develop an open source load management system for community-based renewable energy systems.