With its SEPS Knowledge Exchange scheme, WISIONS facilitates the mobilisation of knowledge and expertise among energy practitioners and other stakeholders in the field of sustainable energy technologies in the global South, with a focus on decentralised energy solutions. You can find examples of SEPS Knowledge Exchange activities in our SEPS project List (see “Exchange” in the title). 

At this time we are not accepting applications!

The target groups for SEPS Knowledge Exchanges are energy practitioners and organisations, together with other stakeholders, in the Global South (south-south exchange). The proposed activities may include the participation of experts and organisations from other global regions, although the focus should be on developing and maximising knowledge and expertise in countries in the target region(s).

What types of Knowledge Exchange activities are we looking for?

The proposed SEPS Knowledge Exchange should allow for interaction between practitioners with significant experience in the implementation of decentralised renewable energy solutions in the target region(s). 

SEPS Knowledge Exchange activities can relate to one or more of the following activities:

  • Capacity-building: strengthening the technical, managerial, communication or other skills of practitioners
  • South-South mutual learning: facilitating mutual learning among organisations active in the Global South
  • Practice-to-policy exchange: addressing potentials & barriers to specific energy technologies or delivery models to raise awareness and generate policy recommendations
  • Advocacy and awareness-raising: defining strategies for effective advocacy in critical topics; creating awareness on specific technologies and/or challenges relating to sustainable energy; implementing and supporting concepts for engaging the local population
  • Others: WISIONS is open to creative ideas on how to expand the knowledge base and to strengthen capacities of practitioners as well as of other stakeholders.
You can find examples of SEPS Knowledge Exchange activities in our SEPS – Project List (see “Exchange” in the title).

Application Procedure

Please find in the attached PDF file below detailed information on the formulated application procedure

Why does WISIONS support knowledge exchanges?

Since its foundation, SEPS has provided financial support to 98 projects and 30 exchange activities in 39 countries around the world. A central finding from the project support is that the success of a project is highly dependent on the capacities of the people involved and on an effective delivery model suitable for the needs of the end users.

In addition, for long-term success, appropriate maintenance, management and financial schemes need to be implemented; these schemes must be effective and should focus on building local capacity and meeting specific local needs.

There is a solid basis of knowledge and expertise among energy practitioners on technical issues, business models, strategies for capacity-building and involvement of local actors. One critical question currently is how to leverage this know-how and expertise? 

The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognises the mobilisation and sharing of knowledge and expertise as crucial elements for supporting the achievement of the SDGs in all countries, and in the global South in particular. In recent years, this has been the precise aim of the WISIONS SEPS Knowledge Exchange scheme.