Biodigesters Ibero-America

The Project

Biogas production technologies (understood as systems based on the principles of anaerobic digestion for the appropriate treatment of organic waste and the use of its products) represent a key tool for contributing to the transformation of agri-food systems based on agroecology and bioeconomic approaches at the level of family farming systems. While valuable advances are being made in many fields and in different countries, the technology is still in a fledgling state.

This project aims to strengthen the capacities of decision makers and academics in order to generate the required political and institutional support to scale up the implementation of biodigester technologies in Ibero-America.

Our Partners

The Biodigesters Ibero-America project is organised in close cooperation with three partner organisations.

The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) supports the efforts of member states to achieve agricultural development and rural wellbeing.

RedBioLAC is a highly active network of individuals and organisations involved in applied research, implementation and advocacy on biodigesters.

Asociación Costarricense de Biogas (Asobiogás) promotes the use of anaerobic biodigestion technology in Costa Rica, particularly for wastewater, organic waste and landfill.

Capacity Building

The project aims to strengthen capacities in the following areas:

Capacities of Decision Makers

Strengthen the capacities of decision makers by conducting learning modules via the IICA platform

Exchange of Experiences

Facilitate the exchange of experiences between local experts and practitioners

Experience-Based Learning

Conduct field visits to established biodigesters for experienced and inexperienced users

Public Policy

Study best practice examples in public policy

Biodigesters Ibero-America