Energy Practitioners Nigeria

The Project

Access to energy is a key factor for social and economic development, and Nigeria is striving to provide electricity access to millions of its population who currently lack a reliable power supply. Decentralised renewable energy (DRE) systems, such as solar home systems and mini grids, are crucial for achieving these goals as they offer a reliable and affordable source of electricity for people in remote and underserved areas.

Currently, DRE projects tend to focus on techno-economic aspects and compartmentalise the role of communities to the customary processes of community entry and revenue collection. Although the people-centred dimensions of mini-grid projects have been gaining traction recently, this aspect is still absent from many DRE projects – or is only an afterthought.

This project aims to develop the capacity of energy professionals to adopt people-centered and holistic approaches to DRE projects and programmes in order to:

  • Improve the social impact of DRE projects (e.g., on education, health and livelihoods)
  • Avoid replicating, reinforcing or increasing pre-existing social inequalities in project communities
  • Improve the sustainability of DRE projects by increasing long-term community governance of such projects
  • Improve the rate of local initiation of DRE projects

Our Partners

The Energy Practitioners Nigeria project is organised in close cooperation with two partner organisations.

The Clean Technology Hub is a pioneering hybrid hub for the research, development, demonstration and incubation of clean and green ideas and technologies in Africa and their validation for commercial-stage development.

The Reiner Lemoine Institute is a research institution that contributes to the transformation to a sustainable energy supply. It conducts applied research to scientifically support the long-term transition towards renewable energy.

Capacity Building

The project aims to strengthen capacities in the following areas:

Locate Trainees

Develop a cohort of trainees who have the necessary skills and knowledge

Design CB Programme

Design and implement the capacity building (CB) programme comprising online and on-site training

Scale Up DRE

Build on outputs from two ongoing projects to increase the impact and to scale up DRE in Nigeria

Energy Practitioners Nigeria

Latest news of the partner

Empowering a New Generation of Nigerian Energy Practitioners

The launch of the capacity building partnership in Nigeria kicked off with its inaugural session. It provided a comprehensive overview of the evolution, trends, opportunities, and challenges within the country's decentralized renewable energy sector.