WISIONS of sustainability

Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to transform the production and use of energy so that it effectively enables sustainable development.

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Los Pinos – A technical project with a social heart

A glimpse into the beginnings of the project Los Pinos, a rural community with just over 300 inhabitants in Argentina,…

Los Pinos Biogas Production Demonstration Unit Inauguration

When? Monday, October 03rd, 14:00 hs (UTC-3) Where? Predio Ferrocarril de Los Pinos, Balcarce (Argentina) The inauguration of the Biogas…

New Biodigester Journal – Revista RedBioLAC 6° Edición

Right on time for the summer, there are new research insights from the field of biodigesters: our regional partnership network…

Core Projects

The practical validation of innovative approaches for meeting the development needs of local populations is one of the key components of WISIONS. We understand the term "innovation" in a broad sense. We do not focus solely on technical issues, but on a broad spectrum of aspects including community involvement, reliable ownership and management schemes, and sustainable business models. The aim is to empower individuals and communities to achieve sustainable development through the application of decentralised renewable energy solutions.

Using biogas for improved livelihoods of family farmers

This project aims to develop and implement successful strategies for the re-introduction of biodigesters on Costa Rica’s small and medium-sized family farms.

Productive use of wind energy in Argentina

This project aims to make productive use of wind energy so that rural farmers in isolated areas of Patagonia can gain access to water and energy, and generate higher income by growing and selling horticultural farm products.


Understanding Communities

02 June 2022

The second seminar asks how practitioners can consider local contexts in the planning of energy access projects...

Setting the Scene

24 March 2022

The first seminar sets the scene of the series by exploring crucial aspects for maximising contributions towards multiple SDGs...


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