WISIONS has so far published more than 15 brochures each focussing on a specific aspect of promoting a just energy transition in the Global South. All of our brochures are free of charge and available for download to everyone.

Lighting WISIONS 2013

The brochure portrays sustainable lighting solutions in developing countries.

Food Issues (2011)

The brochure focuses on renewable energy technologies for food preparation and processing.

Access to Electricity 2010

The brochure focuses on technological options for community-based solutions related to ACCESS TO ELECTRICITY

Water for Energy and Energy for Water (I. Issue 2008) – PREP Brochures

Sustainable Energy for Poverty Reduction (II. Issue 2007) – PREP Brochures

Renewable Energy in the Food Supply Chain (I. Issue 2007) – PREP Brochures

Solar Cooling – Using the Sun for Climatisation (III. Issue 2007) – PREP Brochures

Microfinance and Renewable Energy (I. Issue 2006) – PREP Brochures

Corporate Energy and Material Efficiency (III. Issue 2006) – PREP Brochures

Sustainable Biofuel Production & Use Options for Greener Fuels (IV. Issue 2006) – PREP Brochures

Resource Efficient Construction (I. Issue 2004) – PREP Brochures