Case Studies

Once any project supported by WISIONS is successfully completed it becomes part of our body of case studies. Here, we systematically reflect upon the outcomes and impacts on people’s livelihoods. 

Lack of trust in and information about decentralized renewable energy solutions is still a main challenge to accelerating just energy transitions in contexts of the global south. WISIONS case studies provide practical illustrations of what works – and what doesn’t – for driving local sustainable development of people by improving access to clean energy.

With over 130 innovative energy projects completed since WISIONS founding in 2004, we built up a considerable amount of knowledge that is open to use for every researcher and practitioner.

Knowledge Exchanges

A special subtype of projects are knowledge exchanges. Their aim is to facilitate South-South knowledge exchange between practitioners, organisations and other stakeholders. We firmly believe that access to knowledge empowers individuals to become the drivers of their own energy transformations. That's why we have supported nearly 30 exchanges so far.

Case Study Database

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Community Energy Center in the ECOPARK of Independencia Municipality

The project aims to create a meeting place for the community, organisations and educational establishments to share experiences on environmental issues and learn from each other.

Exchange: Consolidating the Adoption of Small and Medium-Scale Biogas Technology by Livestock Farmers in Costa Rica

This exchange activity aims to implement a collaborative process seeking to (i) consolidate the use of biodigester technology in Costa Rica and (ii) accelerate the adoption of biogas solutions by small and medium-scale livestock farmers in the country.

Exchange: Demand-Side Solutions to Financing Sustainable Energy in Southeast Asia

Building on the 2017 event, “Financing Renewable Energy in Southeast Asia”, Nexus aims to organise an even more valuable knowledge exchange and further support capacity building among sustainable and renewable energy entrepreneurs.

Exchange: Jujuy On The Path To Green Energy

This exchange activity aims to transmit twenty years of practical experience in the field of solar energy to an upcoming generation of renewable energy technicians in Jujuy, Argentina.

Exchange: Strengthening Open-Source ELC Development in Southeast Asia

(1) to continue to build and strengthen local capacities around ELC installation and development; and (2) to further improve the open-source ELC design

Exchange: Supporting the Energy Switch of the Garment Industry in Cambodia through Increased South-South Knowledge Exchange among the Value Chain Stakeholders

To leverage successful technologies and best practices from the region through (1) peer-to-peer exchanges and (2) a capitalisation conference. The conference will bring together all the supply chain stakeholders, including rice husk producers, garment factory owners and international brands who can play a role in adapting their purchasing specifications according to environmental considerations.

Empowering Rural Entrepreneurs in India

The project aims to demonstrate the viability of a hybrid hydro power plant consisting of a hydrokinetic turbine and photovoltaic panels to power a local rice and flour mill, while also enhancing the population’s wellbeing (e.g. by improved lighting).

Exchange: Improving the Sustainability of Micro-Hydropower Projects: Development of Knowledge-Sharing Tools

The purpose of this exchange is to increase the technical and economic sustainability of micro-hydro projects.