Case Studies

Once any project supported by WISIONS is successfully completed it becomes part of our body of case studies. Here, we systematically reflect upon the outcomes and impacts on people’s livelihoods. 

Lack of trust in and information about decentralized renewable energy solutions is still a main challenge to accelerating just energy transitions in contexts of the global south. WISIONS case studies provide practical illustrations of what works – and what doesn’t – for driving local sustainable development of people by improving access to clean energy.

With over 130 innovative energy projects completed since WISIONS founding in 2004, we built up a considerable amount of knowledge that is open to use for every researcher and practitioner.

Knowledge Exchanges

A special subtype of projects are knowledge exchanges. Their aim is to facilitate South-South knowledge exchange between practitioners, organisations and other stakeholders. We firmly believe that access to knowledge empowers individuals to become the drivers of their own energy transformations. That's why we have supported nearly 30 exchanges so far.

Case Study Database

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