WISIONS is an initiative of the Wuppertal Institute. The core team is made up of members of the Research Unit „International Energy Transitions“ within the „Future Energy and Industry Systems“ division of Wuppertal Institute. WISIONS is also backed by the expertise of a wide range of colleagues within and outside the institute.

Dr. Willington Ortiz

Our research is transformative, aiming to understand and support local actors in the transition to sustainable development.

Dr. Julia C. Terrapon-Pfaff

Sustainable energy solutions empower people to improve their livelihoods for instance by enabling productive use and economic development.

Maria Yetano Roche

Local practitioners have a wealth of experience that is key for accelerating the energy transition. They know best what works in their communities – and what doesn’t.

Fabio Schojan

South-South knowledge sharing empowers local practitioners to be the drivers of a just energy transition.

Madeleine Raabe

Holistic approaches are needed to develop energy delivery models that improve the development opportunities for rural families.