Our mission is to empower people and communities to be the drivers of just energy transitions to enable sustainable development. WISIONS is an initiative created and run by the Wuppertal Institute, and supported by the Swiss-based foundation ProEvolution. We have a shared vision of sustainable energy making a profound impact on the lives of people and communities in the Global South.

Since WISIONS was founded in the context of the first global renewables conference in 2004 in Bonn, much of the conversation about sustainable energy has changed. Sustainable energy solutions are increasingly affordable and the SDGs, together with the Paris Agreement, have provided a new framework and impetus for action.

However, now the world faces new challenges. The key questions that guide our work are how to ensure that the transition to sustainable energy is rapid, effectively enables sustainable development and is fair for everyone.

To answer these questions we focus our work in three areas:

  • Action: Supporting energy projects in the Global South
  • Knowledge: Facilitating knowledge exchange between all the stakeholders involved
  • Partnerships: Strengthening practitioner networks and civil society organisations

We believe that a just energy transition is within reach, but only if it puts sustainability at the centre by empowering people and communities in the Global South. WISIONS embraces the opportunity to continue to be a driver of this transition.

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