Innovation Lab

The new WISIONS approach to systemic change

Energy can be an enabler of development for rural and peri-urban populations in the Global South. However, shifting to sustainable development paths requires systemic change. This implies – on the one hand – recognising the links between energy and other development needs and taking action to unlock this potential. On the other hand, it means stimulating change at all levels and with all stakeholders involved in the provision of energy.

We have learned that a series of coherently interlinked actions through multi-stakeholder alliances is crucial for bringing about broader and deeper transformations. In order to provide such a level of coherence, WISIONS is building on the Wuppertal Institute’s Innovation Lab approach. The aim is to establish Innovation Labs that focus on rural and peri-urban energy solutions with the aim of improving local living conditions.

Innovation Labs:

  • are multi-stakeholder alliances;
  • focus on the development opportunities and challenges faced by rural populations in one country or region;
  • mobilise resources for the co-design, practical validation, evaluation and scale-up of energy solutions that strengthen rural livelihoods;
  • are composed of single but interrelated projects;
  • integrate WISIONS’ knowhow from the concept stage of the individual projects.

Active Innovation Lab