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The research of the WISIONS initiative has produced numerous scientific publications. Here you can find all articles of contributions to books written in the context of WISIONS work.


Latest Papers and Book Contributions by WISIONS Team and Partners

Nutzung von Kleinstbiogasanlagen und Teilhabe im globalen Süden: Partizipative Evaluation durch das Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) im Project Asproinca, Riosucio, Kolumbien.

The state-of-the-art of organic waste to energy in Latin America and the Caribbean: Challenges and opportunities.

Fondos autogestionados para la transicion agroecologica: el caso de asproinca, Riosucio, Caldas.

Productive Use of Energy – Pathway to Development? Reviewing the Outcomes and Impacts of Small-Scale Energy Projects in the Global South.

Impact pathways of small-scale energy projects in the global south - Findings from a systematic evaluation.

Energising the WEF nexus to enhance sustainable development at local level.

The Diffusion of Sustainable Family Farming Practices in Colombia: An Emerging Sociotechnical Niche?

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