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The research of the WISIONS initiative has resulted in numerous scientific publications. Here you can find all articles and contributions to books written in the context of WISIONS work. Most of the publications can also be found in the open access repository of the Wuppertal Institute.


Latest Papers and Book Contributions by WISIONS Team and Partners

The Diffusion of Sustainable Family Farming Practices in Colombia: An Emerging Sociotechnical Niche?

Understanding the Diffusion of Domestic Biogas Technologies. Systematic Conceptualisation of Existing Evidence from Developing and Emerging Countries.

The Role of Gender Concerns in the Planning of Small-Scale Energy Projects in Developing Countries.

A cross-sectional review: Impacts and sustainability of small-scale renewable energy projects in developing countries.

How effective are small-scale energy interventions in developing countries? Results from a post-evaluation on project-level.

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