Part of our mission is to disseminate our knowledge on how to transform the energy system in the global South sustainably. To this aim, WISIONS holds webinars where we invite researchers, experts and practitioners from the field to shed light on various aspects of energy access. All of our webinars are free of charge and available for everyone.


Mainstreaming Gender-Responsiveness

14 July 2023

The fifth edition asks how energy access interventions can effectively integrate gender-responsiveness for the empowerment of women.

Inclusive Energy Planning

08 December 2022

The fourth edition asks how local aspirations and opportunities can be integrated in energy planning and policy processes.

Drawing Economic Benefits

27 October 2022

The third edition asks how the livelihoods of people can effectively be improved by using energy productively...

Understanding Communities

02 June 2022

The second seminar asks how practitioners can consider local contexts in the planning of energy access projects...

Setting the Scene

24 March 2022

The first seminar sets the scene of the series by exploring crucial aspects for maximising contributions towards multiple SDGs...

8. Biodigester Innovations

16 December 2019

This webinar is the 8. part of WISIONS Webinar Series, which aims to...

7. Energy for Water

03 July 2019

This webinar is the 7. part of WISIONS Webinar Series, which aims to...

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