8. Biodigester Innovations

Development, Application and Advances of Biodigester Technology - Latin America and the Caribbean

This webinar is the 8. part of WISIONS Webinar Series, which aims to promote sustainable decentralized energy solutions in the global South and shed light onto important topics emerging from the ground.

Over the last decade, diverse innovation dynamics in the field of biodigestion technology have been evident in Latin America and the Caribbean. One particularly strong line of innovation is characterised by the aim of developing biodigester designs and implementation concepts that better respond to the actual needs and conditions of the wide diversity of ‘agri-cultures’ in the region. The recognition of this common aim was one of the main triggers for the creation of the “Network of Biodigesters for Latin America and the Caribbean”(RedBioLAC).

Webinar 8 – slides Development and Application of Biodigester Technology


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In this webinar we talk with members of RedBioLAC to gain an overview of the significant contributions made in the region over the last decade in the development and application of the technology. We consider questions such as:

  • What technological developments have been particularly important for adapting to the diverse conditions faced by farmers and other potential users of the technology in the region?
  • How has the dissemination of the technology been promoted in the region?
  • What role is the technology currently playing and what role could it play in the future in moving toward sustainable societies in LAC?
  • What lessons from LAC are valuable for the development and application of the technology in other regions?
We explore these and other crucial aspects of the development of biodigestion technology in LAC with our speakers. Specific Objectives: To showcase the main contributions made by LAC (and in particular by RedBioLAC) in the development of biodigestion technology and its application


Mariala Pino
General Coordinator of RedBioLAC
Sam Schlesinger
Program Manager Ecuador, Green Empowerment
Willington Ortiz
Regional Coordinator LAC, WISIONS Initiative, Wuppertal Institute


Carmen Dienst

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