Knowledge development and sharing among local practitioners

Local capacity building is crucial for ensuring the success and sustainability of energy projects. Consequently, partnerships with regional practitioner networks at eye level are a key element of the WISIONS initiative.

WISIONS fosters regional partnerships and networks to facilitate knowledge development and sharing between practitioners and stakeholders, and to encourage and support the broader dissemination of decentralised renewable energy solutions.

We currently support two regional practitioner networks:

Hydro Empowerment Network


These networks actively involve approximately 300 organisations on the ground who share a longstanding commitment to people-centred sustainable energy solutions.
The support provided by WISIONS to these regional partnerships and networks helps to accelerate the sustainable energy transition in the Global South. It enables them to facilitate face-to-face gatherings and the online exchange of experiences, as well as to support thematic collaborations, capacity building, joint projects and other exchange activities.

WISIONS’ regional partner networks are coordinated by our partner organisations located in the regions.

In addition, WISIONS is a partner of the ACCESS Coalition and a member of the coalition’s “learning group”. The ACCESS Coalition consists of a range of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), both national and international. Its aim is to strengthen the efforts of CSOs working to deliver universal energy access and to advocate for transparent and inclusive multi-stakeholder participation at all stages of energy processes.

WISIONS and the ACCESS Coalition partner up to organise events and webinars with the joint goal of raising awareness and sharing knowledge about the importance of including local actors in order to drive forward green energy transitions.

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