Case Studies

One of the main challenges to the broad transition to sustainable energy is the lack of trust in – and information about – new technologies. Case studies can act as shining examples of good practice to demonstrate the potential that holistic energy transitions can have for communities. For that reason, WISIONS has supported over 130 innovative energy projects that are environmentally, economically and socially sound, including the fostering of knowledge exchanges between practitioners.

Demo Projects (SEPS)

Facilitating demo projects has been a cornerstone of the work of WISIONS since its inception in 2004. We focus on enabling innovative solutions to energy-related needs and on stimulating the productive use of renewable energy at local level. To date we have supported nearly 100 projects.

knowledge exchanges

We strongly believe that access to knowledge empowers individuals to become the drivers of their own energy transformations. That’s why WISIONS supports projects that facilitate South-South knowledge exchange between practitioners/organisations and with other stakeholders. To date we have supported nearly 30 exchanges.

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Promotion of improved cooking/heating stoves in Paek District, Xienkhuang Province

To introduce improved stone technology and know-how to areas with wood fuel scarcity, resulting in better living conditions for the local population

Replacing firewood with biogas in Nakuru high schools, Kenya

To replace firewood with biogas technology for providing clean and sustainable energy at Kenyan Boarding Schools

Carbon Credits in Benefit of Andean Solar Villages

Using carbon credits to make solar applications affordable and therewith improve the standards of living in local villages

Cameroon Sustainable Sun Bakeries Program

To introduce the environmentally friendly concept of solar baking while providing opportunities for women to gain their own income

Energy enterprises for development in rural areas: the case of clean cooking fuel

To develop and operate a sustainable rural demonstration project: a community dairy biogas enterprise

Mainstreaming biogas power as an off-grid electricity generating source in Sri Lanka

To develop and establish procedures and mechanisms to make electricity generated from biogas a feasible option for rural off-grid communities in the Sri Lankan dry zone

Efficient Lighting for the University of Mexico

To demonstrate that the improvement of lighting efficiency in universities / public buildings can lead to major electricity and cost savings

Active promotion of solar and biomass energy use in Quashqadaryo province, Uzbekistan