Case Studies

One of the main challenges to the broad transition to sustainable energy is the lack of trust in – and information about – new technologies. Case studies can act as shining examples of good practice to demonstrate the potential that holistic energy transitions can have for communities. For that reason, WISIONS has supported over 130 innovative energy projects that are environmentally, economically and socially sound, including the fostering of knowledge exchanges between practitioners.

Demo Projects (SEPS)

Facilitating demo projects has been a cornerstone of the work of WISIONS since its inception in 2004. We focus on enabling innovative solutions to energy-related needs and on stimulating the productive use of renewable energy at local level. To date we have supported nearly 100 projects.

knowledge exchanges

We strongly believe that access to knowledge empowers individuals to become the drivers of their own energy transformations. That’s why WISIONS supports projects that facilitate South-South knowledge exchange between practitioners/organisations and with other stakeholders. To date we have supported nearly 30 exchanges.

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Exchange: "Biogas for Energy" – E-Learning Platform for Latin America and the Caribbean

This SEPS exchange aims to expand the already available CIBiogás e-learning platform in order to reach a broad audience of students, technicians, officials and other practitioners from Latin America and the Caribbean.

Exchange: Capacity-Building, Democratisation of Technology and Local Advocacy through the Ecuadorian Biodigester Network (RedBioEc)

This SEPS exchange aimed to develop a strong base of biodigester practitioners in Ecuador and to form linkages between actors with interest in the technology at local and national levels.

Exchange: Waste to Wisdom: Supporting Biodigester Practitioners in South East Asia

This knowledge exchange activity aims to address the technical gaps in organisations in Malaysia and the Philippines by providing them with the skills to install and operate biogas digester systems efficiently and affordably.

Exchange: A Country Level Market Assessment for Small Wind Turbines

This project aims aims to support small wind turbine technology in Nepal by conducting a detailed national market assessment for small wind turbines and consolidating existing experience in the development and implementation of small wind turbines in the country.

Exchange: Affordable Finance for Sustainable Energy: Sharing Successful Models in South East Asia

This knowledge exchange activity aims to explore and share successful financial models, identifying the specific factors that make different models relevant and replicable in their context.

Exchange: A Participatory Gaming Approach To Community Energy Planning in Southeast Asia: Spreading Best-Practices on Community Engagement

To increase community understanding of mini-grid design, management and operation

Exchange: Sharing Learning Across Projects: Operating Micro Hydro Plants (MHP) as Commercially Viable Enterprises

To expand the knowledge base among technically sound, but managerially and financially weak, MHPs to ensure their sustainable commercial operation

Exchange: First Central American Conference of Small-Scale Hydroelectric Generators: Sharing Experiences and Coordinating Efforts for Efficient Management in Providing Clean Energy

To promote the exchange of knowledge and sharing of experiences between practitioners involved in small-scale hydroelectric projects

Exchange: Online Design Tools for Locally Manufactured Small Wind Turbines

This project aims to increase technical knowledge of small wind turbines by creating a free online resource and mutual learning opportunities

Biogas from Slaughterhouse Waste Water Treatment for Heating Purposes

The focus of the project is to demonstrate the potential for producing biogas from slaughterhouse wastewater treatment in Ecuador. Previous research in Bolivia has shown the viability of treating wastewater using tubular digesters with low cost anaerobic filters.