Exchange: Sharing Learning Across Projects: Operating Micro Hydro Plants (MHP) as Commercially Viable Enterprises

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In Nepal, micro-hydro power generation is already widespread. Nevertheless, challenges such as poor management, weak technical skills and poor financial operation prevent community-owned micro-hydro plants (MHPs) from making a lasting impact on people’s livelihoods. The aims of the exchange activities are:

  • To expand the knowledge base among technically sound, but managerially and financially weak, MHPs to ensure their sustainable commercial operation
  • To enhance the managerial capacity and awareness of MHP managers, and to recommend appropriate commercial business models
  • To establish a platform for knowledge exchange between MHP managers to share best practice and overcome practical barriers to the commercial operation of MHPs
  • To contribute to government initiatives aimed at operating MHPs as commercial enterprises

The exchange activities intend to provide a knowledge-sharing platform for MHP executive members in the areas covered by the Renewable Energy for Rural Livelihood (RERL) programme. To improve efficiency, two successful pilot MHPs operating as successful business enterprises will serve as best practice models for further MHPs in the area to develop revised commercial tariffs. The exchange activities will be implemented within six months and will include training and workshops for practitioners, as well as the implementation of business plans for participating MHPs.  

You can find the detailed case study for download at the top of the page!

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