Exchange: Jujuy On The Path To Green Energy

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This exchange activity aims to transmit twenty years of practical experience in the field of solar energy to an upcoming generation of renewable energy technicians in Jujuy, Argentina.

In June 2017, EcoAndina launched the “CEDIERA” centre in the province of Jujuy, Argentina. The centre consists of an award winning bioclimatic and energy efficient building and an adjacent technology park where different types of solar cookers, solar warm water systems, solar powered e-bikes and other devices are demonstrated. The CEDIERA centre showcases two innovations:
  • The EcoSolar House, with an isolated off-grid solar PV system with battery storage technology
  • A workshop on the design of solar devices with a small solar on-grid PV plant without battery storage technology
EcoAndina aims to transmit twenty years of practical experience in the field of solar energy to an upcoming generation of renewable energy technicians in Jujuy. In cooperation with the Renewable Energy Institute, they aim to contribute to course content for students focusing on renewable energy applications which are field-tested and adapted to the specific social, economic, climatic and technological conditions in the region. This SEPS exchange activity aims to achieve the following: a) The education and training of renewable energy students on various topics at the CEDIERA technology park, awarding certificates to students who complete the course. b) The coordination and realisation of a handful of “Solar Energy Consultation Days” in Humahuaca, Abra Pampa and La Quiaca to improve access to information about renewable energy and other appropriate technologies among underprivileged highland populations and to empower highland municipalities to develop local renewable energy politics and projects. Furthermore, EcoAndina aims to observe and analyse the extent to which the suggested format is an appropriate means of advancing the diffusion of renewable energy in rural Argentina.

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