Modular Power to the People

One of our SEPS exchange activities aims to create an open-source power converter that can be used in the implementation of self-built wind turbines as well as for other technologies. The activities are carried out in different regions of Latin America.

Over the last months, various training sessions and feasibility discussions on power converter based systems have been carried out. The main outcome of this phase was to prepare the following working steps, which aimed to specify the design of a certain power converter. French students worked with the local organisations WindAid (Peru) and QMax (Argentina) and contributed new ideas and inspirations to their systems and overall efforts.

Consequently, the project proceeded to final assembly, testing and validation of the specific power converter system. This phase took place on the shape of a knowledge exchange where an engineering student from the University of Grenoble (representing ACE) went to the South of Argentina to work at L&R Ingeniería / INTI, with auxiliary testing done at the University (UNPA).

One of the most important deliverables of this project is the personal and professional bonds that were shaped among its members. Despite the short time, the Wind Empowerment Working Group managed to build a deliverable, host students, exchange information and improve its overall power electronics knowledge.

The project has advanced up to the prototype level. It is now time to assemble copies of these prototypes and test them in field conditions for different types of energy sources and loads.

More general information on this SEPS exchange activity is available here: Modular Power to the People: Democratising Energy Access through Modular Power Electronics Systems

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