Mutual Learning – Stakeholder Workshops in Nepal

Updates from WISIONS Innovation Lab Nepal!

In Baglung, Nepal, two pivotal stakeholder workshops were recently conducted as part of the second phase of the Innovation Lab initiative. These workshops were tailored to the beneficiaries of the Nisikhola III and Mid Bhimghat micro-hydropower projects, primarily comprising local households and enterprises.

The workshops provided an interactive platform for community members to actively engage in discussions and share valuable insights regarding their electricity usage. Through the utilization of the Community Energy Management Toolkit (COMET), participants delved into the specifics of the appliances they use and the times at which they employ them.

COMET facilitated a profound understanding of electricity consumption for each appliance, highlighted best practices for efficient usage, and shed light on associated electricity costs. This knowledge not only bolstered the community members’ comprehension of how their micro-hydro system functions but also empowered them to maximize its benefits.

Importantly, these workshops also provided our project partners and us, as practitioners, with a unique opportunity to identify areas with the potential for more efficient electricity utilization. This, in turn, positions the micro-hydropower system to deliver even greater advantages to the local community.

We invite you to watch our video on the workshops below!


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