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First year objectives of RedBioCOL

RedBioCOL is a partner network of RedBioLAC. It is a regionalized network tailored specifically to Colombia and has a slightly…

Creation of a solar processing unit in Mekomo, central Cameroon

This SEPS project aims to build a multifunctional mill run by solar energy to process corn and cassava crops in…

SEPS News: Micro-Hydro Power in Kaghan Valley, Pakistan

The SEPS project "Supporting creation and expansion of energy SMEs for sustaining access to energy and livelihood in mountainous areas…

SEPS News: Installation of a weather station in a rural area of Mendoza, Argentina

In May 2013, the National University of Cuyo (UNCuyo) gave formal start to the operation phase of the project „Small…

Descriptions of the recent SEPS projects now online

The short descriptions of the recent SEPS projects that are supported by WISIONS on the occasion of the 2012 call…

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