RedBioLAC: Call for Student Exchanges

RedBioLAC, the Latin American biogas network, is looking for exchange students in the field of anaerobic digestion. The support scheme aims to facilitate students’ activities, such as theses, investigations or internships at their places of study, assisting them in becoming ambassadors and advocates for subjects included in the network’s strategic alignment and/or in solving problems presented in its first publication.

The initiative is the result of the network’s main strategic axis: to share knowledge and bring together students to become the necessary generational succession for the development of the biogas sector in Latin America, as well as further promoting the RedBioLAC network.

A maximum grant of 1,250 USD is available per student and there will be two calls this year, with the first one closing on Tuesday 28 February 2017.

To apply, please download the application form and send it to or send them an email if you have any questions or concerns. Please note that all documents are available in Spanish only!

RedBioLAC’s first publication is available here: Opportunities for the Development of a Sustainable Small and Medium Scale Biodigester Sector in LAC (in Spanish).

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