Solar Mobility in the Andean Highlands of Argentina

As part of one of our current SEPS projects, EcoAndina is running initial tests to assess the technical and social viability of solar bike mobility in the Puna highlands in Northern Argentina.

This project advocates solar mobility as a solution for meeting the increasing mobility demands in two areas of the Jujuy province in Argentina; one in the Puna region and the other in the capital San Salvador. In December 2014, the first e-bike tracks in the Puna region were successfully established and reliable data about the performance of solar e-bikes in this mountainous region was collected.

Fundación EcoAndina has already established connections with Argentinian e-bike distributors and service providers in Buenos Aires and San Salvador de Jujuy, trained bicycle shops in customising standard bicycle wheels with motors and has set up a solar e-bike station at the EcoAndina’s Centro Ecohuasi in the Puna village of Misa Rumi. During a workshop at “Ecohuasi” eight solar e-bike technology kits were fitted to regular bicycles and these are now ready for use.

Once the rainy season is over, the next stage of the project will be to promote the solar e-bikes to the target group in the Puna region, which will include training lessons and support.

You can find more general information about this SEPS project here: Solar Mobility in Andean Highlands of Argentina (SEPS10).

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