Successful project: Powering milk chilling units with biogas

The SEPS project “Powering milk chilling units with biogas“, conducted by Winrock International in Pakistan, came to a successful end. In order to share experiences, success stories and future initiatives, Winrock organized a workshop in Lahore, Pakistan last month.

The participants included dairy farmers, representatives of biogas plant construction companies, milk marketing companies like Nestlé and Engro, microfinance and agricultural finance banks, media personnel, government officials and many more.

Mr. Qamaruddin, the project coordinator, thanked all the participants and emphasized the importance of the contributions by the WISIONS initiative. He also informed the audience about biogas technology for electricity generation. Project objectives, achievements and financial analysis were presented. Two case studies were presented by the farmers enjoying the benefits of biogas based power generation. Nestlé and financial institutions presented their plans for fostering the future up scaling of the initiative. Additionally, an exhibition was displayed parallel to the conference, where local organizations and enterprises active in the promotion, design and construction of biogas technologies presented their products and services.

In May 2013, before the final conference, a number of financial institutions and milk marketing companies met in Lahore to discuss about future financing options for biogas plants. It was mutually agreed that the financial institution would cover up to 80% of the plant cost, Nestlé would provide milk chilling costs and a biogas incentive along with the cost of milk to the farmers. The milk chilling cost and the biogas incentive would be used to pay the installment of a loan. In addition, Nestlé would also provide a milk chiller and electricity generator on loan to the farmers.


More about this project: Powering milk chilling units with biogas (SEPS 7)

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