Upcoming Presentation at s-@ccess

The fourth International Conference on Solar Technologies and Hybrid Mini-Grids to Improve Energy Access (s-@ccess) is set to take place from April 16 to 28 at the Universitat de les Illes Balears in Palma, Spain. María Yetano Roche, a member of the WISIONS team and researcher at Wuppertal Institute, will be there to share the latest research insights from our work.

Maria will speak at the session on “​​Capacity building and Inclusion”, which will focus on the  crucial question of how to bridge the skills gap in the off-grid solar sector to accelerate the energy transition. Maria’s presentation builds upon the experience of WISIONS on empowering practitioners in the global South as well as on the PeopleSUN project, which focuses on off-grid electrification in Nigeria. 

Nigeria has a significant electricity access deficit, with 85 million Nigerians currently lacking reliable access to affordable energy (IEA, 2022). The PeopleSuN project, in collaboration with Nigerian stakeholders, aims to contribute to bridging the skills gap in the off-grid solar sector by designing a knowledge hub that supports knowledge exchange and collaboration.

The hub will serve as an online resource providing guidance, tools, and case studies, and users can create and share new inputs. Ultimately, it seeks to support the design and implementation of financially viable and inclusive off-grid power interventions in underserved areas across Nigeria.

We look forward to meeting you in Mallorca!


For more informations visit the PeopleSUN website and the s-@ccess conference website.

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