Wind Empowerment Online Conference

As previously announced, Wind Empowerment cancelled their conference in Tanzania due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, instead the organizers plan to conduct an online conference and are currently collecting opinions, input and ideas through a survey to make this project work. Online Survey

Origal letter by Wind Empowerment:

Dear Wind Empowerment members and wind enthusiasts,

As you know our biennial conference has been postponed due to the global COVID outbreak. We would like to take this unfortunate major crisis as an opportunity to tackle the challenge of both reinforcing our online collaboration and meeting altogether without flying around the globe.

In this perspective we would like to organize an online conference this fall.

In order to collect your views and thoughts about this plan, we kindly invite you to fill the survey below.

This survey is really important to get your feeling about the event and the content you eventually want to propose for a session !

You will notice that few messages inside the form are in French. This is because we have used a french platform to build the form. Just make sure you click on ‘Page suivante’ to go to the next page!

We will appreciate if you can send us your feedback until 20 June 2020.

WEOnline2020 will be about

Presenting all the great projects we’ve been working over the last 2 years since WEIndia2018
Tell us soon what you will be presenting ! You will be able to share your screen to everyone in order to show your presentation slides. Digital rooms will be created so that you can attend the sessions you are interested in.

The content will be recorded to be accessible for everyone that cannot join live because of possible incompatible time zones
Working together on specifically identified practical case studies with the help of powerful collaborative tools
We would like to introduce this novel format. The idea is to collectively solve a specific problem in few hours. For that purpose, a session will be organized to describe the problem boundaries and giving the input necessary to find a solution. Then small groups of 5 or 6 peoples will be created to define a possible solution. Groups will be able discuss with videoconferencing tools, and will have access to collaborative editing tools to create documents, tables, and presentations.

After a given time, groups will have a short time to present their solution, and to compare it with other groups solutions. It will be time to collect the feedback, and to possibly iterate to define the best option.

These working session could also be “community sessions” were we collectively commit in creating content to share on our website or find innovative solutions to WE problems.
Discussing in group or individually
During the all conference duration, we will be interacting with the panelists and between us. For that purpose we will be able to create our own chatroom, with videoconferencing capabilities to have both public and private discussions rooms.
Sharing content, ideas and contacts
A possible great outcome of this proposed online conference is to structure an online space for WindEmpowerment, where we will be able to share our thoughts, work, pictures and videos. We strongly believe it will permit us to reinforce our online community and increase our collective momentum toward more great wind projects !

Few words about the digital toolset

We are currently investigating to find the best option to host such an online event. We are looking for Open Source tools that will be perennial and will remain after the event so that we can keep this online node for the network exchanges.

We would greatly appreciate your feedback on the conference planning, please remember to fill the form

With Wind,

WE online conference taskforce

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