WISIONS & Asobiogás Workshop in Costa Rica!

Holá from Costa Rica! WISIONS’ and Asobiogás are holding a 2-day “Mutual Learning Workshop for Biogas Consolidation in Costa Rica”. Our team member Willington Ortiz is one of the workshops facilitators that aims at promoting the implementation and use of biodigester technology in the agricultural sector in Costa Rica.

The workshop is only one step in a collaborative process seeking to (i) consolidate the use of biodigester technology in Costa Rica and (ii) accelerate the adoption of biogas solutions by small and medium-scale livestock farmers in the country.

The workshop gathered farmers, officials from public agencies promoting biodigester technology, suppliers of biodigesters and researchers of different disciplines. Aim of the workshop is to design concrete actions for addressing challenging fields in the implementation of the technology for family farms in Costa Rica. Biodigester technology is an economically viable and sound solutions for family farmers. However, the adoption of biogas solutions by small and medium-scale livestock farmers in the country is not easy to achieve.

On the first day they visited a dairy farm, which already installed a bio digester and worked together on an understanding of the adoption process to the local conditions in the context of Costa Rica. During this mutual approach, they identified challenges for the implementation of bio digester technology in Costa Rica. On the second day they are aiming to design the concrete actions for addressing the evaluated challenges for bio digester technology.

Background on this  SEPS exchange activity can be found here:

Find out more about the activities of Asociación Costarricense de Biogás


Facebook-News from Asociación Costarricense de Biogás

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