5th Digital Seminar – Gender-Responsiveness

Mainstreaming Gender-Responsiveness
How can energy access interventions effectively contribute to the empowerment of women?

Energy poverty disproportionately affects rural areas, impacting livelihoods, education, and business opportunities. Particularly, women in these areas bear the brunt of energy poverty due to varying energy needs and limited access to energy services. Gender norms and associated responsibilities exacerbate this disparity.

By addressing gender-specific needs in energy access projects, we can improve health, safety, education, and economic opportunities for women and girls. Together with our expert-speakers we will delve into how gender-responsiveness can be incorporated into energy projects, highlighting essential considerations for overcoming gender inequalities. The speakers are:

  • Silvia Sartori Gender & Energy Consultant
  • Thabit Mikidadi Program Manager; tangsen
  • Ashma Pakhrin Monitoring Evaluation and Learning Expert; ADB TA 9334

The seminar is the fifth and final part of our online series on maximising the development impacts from energy access. It is jointly organised by the WISIONS Initiative and the ACCESS Coalition’s Learning Group.

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