First meeting of the Colombian Network of Biomass Energy

WISIONS supported and attended the first meeting of the Colombian Network of Biomass Energy (RedBioCOL), which took place from 30th July to 2nd August 2014 in Medellí­n, Colombia. The event brought together more than 80 participants, from diverse sectors of the Colombian society and economy, interested in the energy potential of biomass resources.Minimize
  • Local associations of farmers and non-governmental organisations presented practical examples demonstrating the integration of biomass energy technologies, such as biogas and gasification into different types of small-scale farming systems
  • Scientists from Colombian universities shared results from research projects addressing the energy potential of different types of organic residues
  • Private companies presented a wide range of products and services that are available on the Colombian market for using the energy potential of biomass resources
  • Government representatives gave an overview of the new regulatory framework for supporting the use of renewable energy and of the different programmes that are tackling climate change mitigation and adoption

In addition to the exchange of experiences and expertise through presentations and dialogues, one session was dedicated to generating and discussing ideas relating to the further development of the network itself. The interest and motivation of all stakeholders was very high. It is expected that the network will continue to evolve and contribute to the articulation of the national dialogue on the sustainable use of biomass as an energy resource.

RedBioCOL is supported under WISIONS regional Partnerships and Networks.

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