Introduction of the ADES electro-solar cooker in Madagascar

In Madagascar only 6% of the population has access to electricity and generally diesel generators are used for supplying energy. In one of our SEPS projects, ADES (Association pour le Développement de l’Energie Solaire Suisse) developed a solar cooker (E-cooker) that both cooks and generates electricity.

ADES recently organised a sales event around Ankililoaka near Tuléar in Madagascar. In this area ADES sold 104 E-cookers to villagers not having any access to electricity so far. By using the E-cooker, these people get access to some electricity to power lighting, charge a cell phone or listen to the radio and are at the same time able to cook without any use of charcoal or fire wood.

Almost all foods usually consumed in Madagascar can be cooked
with the solar cooker, as you can see in some of our photos below. You can find the corresponding SEPS project page here: Introduction of the ADES Electro-Solar cooker (E-cooker) in Madagascar (SEPS 8)

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