National Network for Biomass Energy (RedBioCOL) Established in Colombia

A Seminar on the energetic and productive use of organic waste took place in Guapotá-Santander, Colombia. Experts from diverse Colombian organisations and institutions met between 15th and 17th October 2012 to share experiences and discuss future advances in the field of biodigesters and other types of biomass energy.

The event was organised by the Colombian chapter of the Foundation for Tropical Sustainable Agriculture with the support of the Red de Biodigestores para Latinoamerica y El Caribe (RedBioLAC) and WISIONS.
The participants strengthened their knowledge, examined new technological advances, identified relevant topics for future research and discussed medium and long-term prospects for the dissemination of biogas technologies and other biomass energy technologies in Colombia. One of the outcomes is the possible inclusion of these technologies in future government programmes.
The participants agreed to form the “Red Colombiana de Energía de la Biomasa“ (RedBioCOL) as a national chapter of the RedBioLAC, with the goal of generating  opportunities for key actors, i.e. farmers, agricultural service providers, academics and researchers among others, to participate in the development and diffusion of the technologies.

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