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Socio-Environmental Resilience in the Philippines

Don’t miss out on the new episode of “StreamSide Chats” – the video-podcast of our partner network HPNET! They just published the fourth edition of the series, which brings grassroots innovators and international experts of small-scale hydropower together, providing first hand insights about its wide-reaching implications for community empowerment.

WISIONS last Newsletter for 2021 – End of Year Reflection

In WISIONS last newsletter of the year we recap our work in 2021 as an initiative that empowers individuals and communities to transform the production and use of energy so that it effectively enables sustainable development.

Virtual training opportunity for hydro mini-grids

Have you wondered what hydro mini-grids are? Are you a hydro practitioner trying to implement them in your community? If…

RedBioLAC’s 4th ​​Boletín de noticias for 2021

In its last newsletter of the year RedBioLAC recaps their work as a network for applied research, implementation and advocacy…

Wind Strawberries – News from Patagonia

Many small rural farmers in the areas of Chubut and the Río Negro provinces in the argentinian steppe struggle with…

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