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Grid Interconnection Strategies for Nepal

What role does grid interconnection play in our Innovation Lab project in Nepal? At the Off-Grid Expo in Augsburg the WISIONS team delivered a presentation on grid interconnection models for micro-hydro power plants in mountainous regions of Nepal.

Lessons Along the Project Cycle

What are the key factors for ensuring the sustainability of energy interventions aimed at strengthening rural livelihoods? We summarize our key findings, based on WISIONS experience in supporting community-based projects.

Innovative Collaboration – Insights from Transdisciplinary Seminar

We invited more than 20 students and young researchers from different disciplines to Kathmandu, Nepal and took a deep dive into the methods and concepts of transdisciplinary research. Here, participants share their experinces.

Navigating Nepal’s Sustainable Future

Insights from our transdisciplinary conference in Kathmandu, Nepal on October 4, 2023.

Shaping Sustainable Futures – A Week of Transdisciplinary Exchange in Nepal

The first week of October was all about transdisciplinary exchange in Nepal. As part of our Innovation Lab Project, we organized an expert conference and a seminar for young researchers in Kathmandu.

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