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RedBioLAC’s 4th ​​Boletín de noticias for 2021

In its last newsletter of the year RedBioLAC recaps their work as a network for applied research, implementation and advocacy…

Wind Strawberries – News from Patagonia

Many small rural farmers in the areas of Chubut and the Río Negro provinces in the argentinian steppe struggle with…

Setting up a micro-hydro training and service centre in Pakistan

Micro-hydro power (MHP) can make a valuable contribution to energy access in isolated rural areas but experience shows that servicing…

Introducing solar water pumping systems to small farmers in Nepal

To irrigate their fields most small farmers in Nepal depend on rainfall, some farmers are using diesel-powered water pumps and…

Impact Testimonials from rural Indonesia

Sustainable Energy Projects are always a success? Unfortunately not, as the premise of "one size fits all" does not apply…

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