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International Conference on Renewable Energies in Rural Areas

Large parts of rural Africa are not connected to national electricity grids and this fact will probably never change. As…

National Network for Biomass Energy (RedBioCOL) Established in Colombia

A Seminar on the energetic and productive use of organic waste took place in Guapotá-Santander, Colombia. Experts from diverse Colombian…

Rural Electrification Symposium in Colombia

WISIONS participated in the VIII International Symposium on Sustainable Energy Access in Colombia. WISIONS input to the symposium highlighted the…

WISIONS Shares Lessons Learnt with Young Students

Young international students recently had the chance to take a closer look at the lessons learnt from WISIONS experiences of…

What happens to small-scale renewable energy projects after their implementation?

To find out what happens after the project implementation period ends, we recently completed a follow-up survey of 23 projects…

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