Progress report: "Using excess energy from micro hydropower plants"

Our SEPS project “Using excess energy from existing MHPs to create sustainable income generating activity in Nepal“ has progressed. By using energy that was typically wasted, this project will empower the Kumal Community to sustain the long-term production and sale of organic vegetables and to increase revenue generation for the Nishi Dovan MHP in Nepal.Minimize

A recent field visit to the project site demonstrated the following achievements:

  • The pump has arrived from India and is ready for use
  • A pipe and other construction material has arrived and the pipe laying is currently in progress; this should take approximately one week to complete
  • The construction of the pump building is in progress
  • Young people from the local area have undertaken a field visit and can now share the knowledge they have gained with their local communities
  • Instruction manuals about vegetable farming and the operation of the equipment have been provided to the community
  • There are approximately 70 villagers working on the construction site daily

You can find our SEPS project page here: Using excess energy from existing MHPs to create sustainable income generating activity in Nepal (SEPS 8).
Some new photographs from the field visit are available below:

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