RedBioLAC's webinar series kicks-off focusing on biodigestion in smallholder agriculture and livestock farming

For the Spanish speakers among you: News from our regional partnership network RedBioLAC! Their recent webinar discusses the application of biogas in the agricultural and livestock sector on a domestic and productive scale. It offers first hand insights on energy practitioners in Latin America and the local transition to sustainable energy in small-scale agriculture. At the same time, it introduces a series of digital panels that RedBioLac aims to accomplish this year.

The guest speakers are Edmundo Rodríguez Alvarez from Peru and Claudio Moreno from Paraguay.

Edmundo Rodríguez is a leading promotor of biodigestion in his country. As manager for agriculture and biodigestion at the company Cidelsa, he has worked in the field for fourteen years. He also focuses on spreading his knowledge on biodigestion in conjunction with various experts from Latin America and Europe. In the webinar, he shares his experiences of a number of biodigestion projects in rural areas and explains the different systems and their functionalities. Pointing to data from the Ministry for Agriculture and Irrigation, which shows that 70% of production from the agricultural and livestock sector comes from small farms at risk of poverty, he emphasises the socio-economic significance of biodigester use in this sector.

His Paraguayan counterpart, Claudio Moreno, is an engineer in human ecology and teaches at the Agricultural Faculty His focus of research is on the use of technology in the food industry. In the webinar, he first presents data that may appear surprising: renewable energy makes up 70% of the Paraguayan energy mix, whereas globally it accounts for only 17%. Claudio Moreno proceeds to give detailed and visual insights into his academic projects on biodigestion, as well as on the use of biothermal energy for drying plants – an important practice in Paraguay.


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To hear more about the experiences of the lecturers, don’t miss the closing discussion moderated by the expert Joaquín (Costa Rica) that also elaborates on further questions, like the potential of biodigesters in cities.

— Did you know? At WikiBiogas you can access more webinars and a full archive of their knowledge products!

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