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WISIONS will hold a new WEBINAR on the topic “Energy for Water from “Sun & Co” – Renewable Energy Innovations for Irrigation ” on 3rd July 3:00 P.M. CEST. Register now!

Innovation based on decentralized renewable energy can help tackle crucial technical challenges faced by family and small-scale farmers worldwide. Decentralized renewable energy enables the supply of energy directly where it is needed and deploys locally available energy resources. For these innovations the focus shifts from solely supplying energy to its application for the function required; e.g. pumping water, treating organic residues or processing produce.

In this WISIONS webinar we will learn how energy practitioners are advancing innovations based on renewable energy to improve water availability for family and small-scale farmers. While the general idea is simple (local energy supply enables water pumping, which in turn facilitates/improves irrigation options), a number of aspects should be considered:

  • What strategies ensure that small-scale farmers can access the relevant technology, services and maintenance?
  • How can improved water supply effectively translate into improved livelihoods and increased revenues?
  • What options ensure that increasing the pumping capacity does not lead to greater depletion of water resources?

With our speakers we will explore these and other crucial aspects for advancing renewable energy-based irrigation that effectively supports farming families’ livelihoods.

Lucie Pia Pluschke, GIZ Germany, Powering Agriculture

Pooja Sharma, Practical Action Nepal

Jorge Ayarza, MinVayu and Wind Empowerment

Willington Ortiz, WISIONS, Wuppertal Institute


Jessica Rivas, WindAid Institute and Wind Empowerment


Register now and mark the date and time on your calendar: 15:00 CEST on 3rd July 2019!

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