Selected Projects & Exchange Activities– SEPS Call in Latin America and the Caribbean 2015

Following our last SEPS call at the end of 2015, which was focused on Latin America and the Caribbean, we are pleased to communicate the list of the 5 projects and 3 knowledge exchange activities that have been selected for SEPS support:

Biogas from Slaughterhouse Waste Water Treatment for Heating Purposes
Country: Ecuador
Project’s Aim: to demonstrate the potential for producing biogas from slaughterhouse wastewater treatment in Ecuador.

Biogas Demonstration Unit for Sustainable Rural Energy Development in the Humid Pampas of Argentina
Country: Argentina
Project’s Aim: to tackle rural energy scarcity, exploit high volumes of biomass feedstock and address problems arising from waste disposal by installing an anaerobic biodigester in the region of Los Pinos, Balcarce.

An Integrated Biogas-Water System for Sustainable Water Heating and Food Production in Arid Environments
OrganisationUniversidad Icesi
Country: Colombia
Project’s Aim: to address the challenge of water scarcity in mountainous regions of Colombia by introducing an integrated biogas-water system in a local hotel.

Gasification and Biodigestion to Improve Small & Medium Scale Colombian Coffee Farms
Country: Colombia
Project’s Aim: to implement a suite of three technologies: gasification-fuelled cookstoves, tubular plug-flow biodigesters and biogas-fuelled coffee dryers.

Validating a Novel Approach to the Productive Use of Biogas to Empower Medium Scale Dairy and Pig Farmers in Costa Rica
Country: Costa Rica
Project’s Aim: to validate the feasibility of an innovative approach to the productive use of biogas in dairy and pig farms in Costa Rica, avoiding the use of electrical generators.

Community Trainers for Renewable Energy Technology Use in Sustainable Food Production and Water Management
OrganisationCENSAT Agua Viva
Country: Colombia
Exchange Activity’s Aim: a social alliance and collective learning process between NGOs and rural communities from three regions of Colombia (Santander, Córdoba and Antioquia).

“Where the Winds Meet” – Local Construction of Small Wind Turbines in Última Esperanza, Chile
OrganisationAsociación Ciudadana Última Esperanza
Country: Chile
Exchange Activity’s Aim: to create a local knowledge group for the self-construction of small-scale wind turbines in the south of Chile, through an international exchange of knowledge with Argentinian members of the WindEmpowerment network.

Modular Power to the People: Democratising Energy Access through Modular Power Electronics Systems
OrganisationWind Empowerment
Country: Latin America
Exchange Activity’s Aim: to create an open-source power converter that can be used in the implementation of self-built wind turbines as well as for other technologies.

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