SEPS Hydro Call 2013: Selected Projects

Following our most recent call for proposals from Southern and South East Asia, which focused on pico and micro-hydro power technologies, we are pleased to advise that the following projects have been selected as being eligible for SEPS support:


Sustainable Micro-Hydro through Energizing Rural Enterprises and Livelihood
OrganizationPractical Action
Country: Nepal
Project’s aim: to improve the reliability of power production from MHPs through the rehabilitation of existing plants.

Implementation of Low Head Micro Hydro to Support Clean Water Supply for a Boarding School
OrganizationIndonesian Institute of Sciences – Research Center for Electrical Power and Mechatronics
Country: Indonesia
Project’s aim: to use renewable energy resources to generate the school’s electricity and clean water needs.

Integrating Watershed Development and Conservation in the Ancestral Forests of Ulu Papar
OrganizationGreen Empowerment
Country: Malaysia
Project’s aim: to provide the three villages of Pongobonon, Lokogungan and Kalangaan with access to clean water, renewable electricity and income generation opportunities.


South-Southeast Asia Concrete Pico-Hydro Turbine Technology Transfer
OrganizationGreen Empowerment
Country: Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia
Objective of the exchange: to transfer knowledge about a low-cost, easy-to-assemble pico-hydro turbine prototype, developed by the Sri Lankan organization Janathakshan, to other member organizations of the Micro-Hydro Empowerment Network (HPNet).

Micro Hydro for Myanmar: Practice-to-Policy Dialogue with Indonesia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka
OrganizationRenewable Energy Association of Myanmar (REAM)
Country: Myanmar
Objective of the exchange: to characterize demand and potential of micro-hydro power in Myanmar, offer expert exchange, and discuss possible implementation approaches for this technology in the future.

Comprehensive data base on Reliable Load Controllers for Hydro Projects
OrganizationJanathakshan (GTE) Ltd.
Country: Sri Lanka
Objective of the exchange: to develop a comprehensive database to address the lack of reliable information on the variety of types of load controllers and suppliers for micro-hydro projects.

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