Biogas Digester Innovations In Latin America

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With this project Green Empowerment seeked to increase the quantity of successful, innovative biogas digesters in Latin America by raising the quality of the methods and materials used. After the synthesis of experience, a hands-on Workshop was held in Peru to exchange experiences of biodigesters in Latin America with participants and organizsations from different LAC countries. In a second step, biogas digesters have been installed in five countries (Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Peru). Through the design exchanges, field installations, and exchange of knowledge, great progress has been made on the original objective. Specifically, 60 new biodigesters have been installed. The capacity of 5 NGOs has been increased, especially in Ecuador since this was the first experience with biodigesters. The materials used have been improved, research parameters developed and unified, and as well new models for social sustainability have been piloted. The greatest outcome of the program has been the formation of Network for Biodigesters for Latin America and the Caribbean (RedBioLAC).

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