Introducing grid-connected biomass gasification units for rural energy access and community development

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The project aims to create an integrated development plan for increasing the income level of the low-income farming communities living in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The project will introduce and demonstrate a community-based and community-owned 20kW wood gasification unit, running on locally planted crops. The system will be used as an on-grid system, feeding in and selling electricity to the national grid under a Standardized Power Purchase Agreement.

As well as power generation, the project will integrate organic farming (as Gliricidia is a Nitrogen Fixed legume it contributes to reduce the use of chemical fertilizer)community agro forestry and climate change adaptation programmes. Another outcome will be the knowledge transfer for manufacturing wood gasification power-plants in Sri Lanka. Consequently, this project will demonstrate an innovative small-scale and low-cost solution for communities with a focus on local business development as an alternative to large biomass plants.

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