3. Beyond Cooking

Biodigesters For Family Farming In The Global South

This webinar is the third part of WISIONS Webinar Series, which aims to promote sustainable decentralized energy solutions in the global South and shed light onto important topics emerging from the ground.

In this edition we discussed how biodigesters and biogas can support farmers to increase the efficiency of their farm and improve their wellbeing.


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Biodigesters are best known for cooking and several national programmes have successfully promoted it for this purpose. But biodigesters are more than that. They can help to improve the livelihoods of rural households in the Global South by treating organic waste, improving management of soil nutrients, providing clean energy and organic fertilizer, to name just a few of their advantages. Are the benefits of biogas and biodigesters being deployed by farmers? If so, where is this happening? Which gaps/missing links can hinder the uptake of this technology? Lastly, how can family farmers be better supported to take advantage of biogas and biodigesters?


Alex Eaton
Founder of SistemaBio
Lylian Rodriguez
Willington Ortiz
WISIONS / Wuppertal Institute
Kevin Kinusu
Kenya Biogas Program


Molly Hurley-Depret

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