New edition of The Flow

In the last edition for 2021 of their Newsletter The Flow HPNET gives new insights into their work as a south-south knowledge exchange and advocacy platform, supported by WISIONS. It gives updates on network members, informs about upcoming events and shares their latest knowledge products in the context of micro hydropower in South and East Asia.

The highlights of this issue amongst others are:

  • Updates from members of the Hydro Empowerment Network about their work in Nepal, who were able to put a 200kW mini hydropower system into operation, and in Indonesia, with the founder of a manufacturing business for hydro turbines presenting his work via an article on HPNETs blog
  • An upcoming virtual training opportunity on the fundamentals of community-scale hydro-grids in January. The training is part of the SEEED initiative that aims to support community-hydro practitioners to customize sustainability mechanisms to local contexts, enabling climate resilience and socio-economic co-benefits.
  • The fourth edition of the video podcast series StreamSide Chats, which takes a deep dive into social and environmental aspects of community hydro and particularly how the Kalinga Indigenious people manage their hydro mini-grids. Join in for a virtual tour around the Balbalasang micro hydro project.
  • A new interview in the interview series Hidden No More, which features women working as small-scale hydro practitioners who have overcome gender-barriers. This edition highlights the work of former Executive Director of SIBAT Victoria Lopez and her experience on the role of women in micro hydro planning and implementation.
  • The presentation of an easy-to-follow fact sheet about electronic load controllers that provides detailed information on different kinds of flow control, their relative cost and their suitability given the context in which they are used, enabling practitioners to select the best equipment for their systems..

You can find the newsletter here or visit HPNETs blog for further information!

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