Solar Cookers for Eco-tourism Development in Nepal

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The Center for Rural Technology, Nepal (CTRN) promoted the application of solar cookers along the most popular trekking route of Annapurna Himalayan Range in Nepal. The project addressed about 200 lodge owners located along the tourist route. The activities focused on rising awareness and operational training among the potential users, as well as continuous monitoring of performance and impacts of the technology. By facilitating access to a cleaner technology the project aimed to reduce dependency on firewood consumption and enhance protection of local forests, diminish health risks due to in-doors smoke that would have emitted from traditional fuel wood stoves and reduce drudgery.

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The solar food network ( was established in 2006 with the financial support of WISIONS. The project's aim is to provide ideas and examples of food processing with sustainable energy sources in developing countries. So far it has been a successful network, with over 200 registered members from more than 40 countries. The website continuously attracts visitors and new registrations. No fees are charged for registration. The main objective of this short-term support was to update the website's practice module, making it more attractive and informative for visitors to the site. To reach this aim the template for uploading project data has been updated and a selection of good practice examples from SEPS projects and other projects have been added to the website. Overall, the website has been improved with audio-visual material such as images and videos that now provide visitors with ideas and successful examples of harvesting solar energy for the commercial production of food products.

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